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Our Girls

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/SI_Golden_Maine_Coon-Goldi -63b7d4b4d73c33aaa531da669b51089b.jpg

    Goldi, our blue female maine coon cat, has an incredible temper and is known for always having her way. Goldi has had a beautiful color from day one, a very good profile and a strong chin. 

    Her deep

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    White cats have always been considered the most beautiful cats in the world. So far, we haven’t had a white kitten in our litters. The fifth litter (Escape E-Sensual “Pika” and Heartbreaker’s Lifelong

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/Escape_E-Sensual-Pika-87f039c23320ff4658a305a218fb021b.jpg

    PIKA – Escape E-Sensual - is our new, young black & white female, and she is currently being shown in the kitten class. We are so happy to welcome Pika to our home. Big thanks to Jaana from Finland fo

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/St_Laszloi-Ida-2-b52cd76edfea118e56d93cf02c17ef79.jpg

    IDA is a brown classic torbie female cat. She's a gentile girl who likes everyone. We admire her beautiful head and well built, muscular figur. She is very affectionate young lady, always looking for

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/Sunshine_Angyal-Misha-2-1d0a7d78a045b302a04d1ee2bc848075.jpg

    Misa – Sunshine Angyal - is our very first girl and came to us in the year 2006. She is absolutely adorable (brown macherel tabby), very active and playful. Misa is  very “special” with an outstanding

Our Boys

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/Coogans_Snake_Eyes-Tiger-54c3703d6008475ecd529d4aa11f6d1d.jpg

    Tiger (black classic tabby) is from Denmark (link to Lane & Peter Glem: Coogan´s Maine Coon) and he is a strong and wonderful young male with a lovely long coat. He has a charming personalitiy and his

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/Coogans_Jeffrey-Jeff-2-695463e334b12a93ef1fd6b81d9abc07.jpg

    Let us introduce you to a very special and our first breeding males Jeffrey, or as we call him, Jeff. Jeff is an adorable black Maine Coon Boy, born 27. 06. 2007.
    Jeff has very large, uprught ears, a

  • /media/zengridframework/imagecache/ris-naslovna-1-9ee45190c2dd19653a83ab5334cd4b08.jpg

    Ris is the third male in our small cattery - Golden Maine Coon. We brought him from Poland.                                                                                    .





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