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Exhibition - Celje, Slovenia - october, 12th 2014

Classification: CAC and award for the most beautiful cat, selected by audienc

Judge: Darina Tarabini from Czech Republic

Exhibition - Celje, Slovenia - october, 11th 2014

Classification: CAC

Judge: Yan Roca-Folch from France

Exhibition - Celje, Slovenia - october, 20th 2013

Classification: EX2

Judge: Lili Anciau from Belgium

Exhibition - Celje, Slovenia - october, 19th 2013

Classification: EX3

Judge: Fabio Brambilla from Italy

Exhibition - Ljubljana, Slovenia - march, 24th 2013

Classification: EX3

Judge: Lee Selassa from Netherland

Exhibition - Ljubljana, Slovenia - march, 23th 2013

Classification: CAC

Judge: Mr. Alfred Wittich from Switzerland

Exhibition - Celje, Slovenia - october, 21st 2012

Classification: EX1, the title of best in the group will race / color (BIV) amoud kittens 6 to 10 months old

Judge: Mrs.Hanne Sofie Sneum from Danmark

Exhibition - Celje, Slovenia - october, 20th 2012

Classification: EX1 amoud kittens 6 to 10 months old

Judge: Mr. Alexey Shchukin from Netherland

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