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Dangerous (Poisen) plants for cats

House & garden bunches, trees, herbs, flowers and other ornamental plants always look great (if you have cats you need to be careful about which ones you chose). If your cats are indoors/outdoors, you have to be careful about the plants that you grow indoors/outdoors.

Symptoms of poisoning (if you suspect poisoning, call you vet!!!):

  • diarrhea
  • convulsions
  • if tongue and gums are pale or swollen
  • fainting
  • listless
  • refusing food and water
  • vomiting

Below is a list of some of the more common plants & flowers that, in same cases are harmless to us, but they’re poisonous for cats.

Picture Plant Toxic parts Plant type
Aconite <i>(Aconitum spp.)</i> Aconite
(Aconitum spp.)
roots, foliage, seeds garden flower
Apple <i>(Malus spp.)</i> Apple
(Malus spp.)
seeds cultivated tree
Arrowgrasses <i>(Triglochin fam.)</i> Arrowgrasses
(Triglochin fam.)
leaves marsh plants
Atropa belladonna <i>(Atropa belladonna)</i> Atropa belladonna
(Atropa belladonna)
entire plant esp. seeds, roots garden herb
Autumn Crocus<i>(Colchicum autumnale)</i> Autumn Crocus
(Colchicum autumnale)
entire plant garden flower
Azaleas <i>(Rhododendron spp.)</i> Azaleas
(Rhododendron spp.)
entire plant cultivated & wild shrub
Baneberry <i>(Actaea rubra)</i> Baneberry
(Actaea rubra)
berries, roots wildflower
Bird-of-Paradise <i>(Strelitzia reginae)</i> Bird-of-Paradise
(Strelitzia reginae)
pods garden flower
Black locust <i>(Robinia pseudoacacia)</i> Black locust
(Robinia pseudoacacia)
entire plant esp. bark, shoots tree
Bloodroot <i>(Sanguinaria canadensis)</i> Bloodroot
(Sanguinaria canadensis)
entire plant esp. stem, roots wildflower, herb
Box <i>(Buxus sempervirens)</i> Box
(Buxus sempervirens)
entire plant esp. leaves ornamental shrub
Buckeye <i>(Aesculus pavia)</i> Buckeye
(Aesculus pavia)
sprouts, nuts, seeds tree
Buttercup<i>(Ranunculus fam.)</i> Buttercup
(Ranunculus fam.)
entire plant esp. leaves wildflower, garden herb
Caladium <i>(Caladium)</i> Caladium
entire plant house plant
Carolina jessamine <i>(Gelsemium sempervirens)</i> Carolina jessamine
(Gelsemium sempervirens)
flowers, leaves ornamental plant
Castor bean <i>(Ricinus communis)</i> Castor bean
(Ricinus communis)
entire plant esp. beans house plant
Chinaberry tree <i>(Melia azedarach</i>) Chinaberry tree
(Melia azedarach)
berries tree
Chockcherries <i>(Prunus virginiana)</i> Chockcherries
(Prunus virginiana)
leaves, cherries, pit wild shrub
Christmas berry <i>(Ardisia crenata)</i> Christmas berry
(Ardisia crenata)
leaves shrub
Christmas Rose <i>(Helleborus niger)</i> Christmas Rose
(Helleborus niger)
rootstock, leaves garden flower
Common privet <i>(Ligustrum vulgare)</i> Common privet
(Ligustrum vulgare)
leaves, berries ornamental shrub
Corn cockle <i>(Agrostemma githago)</i> Corn cockle
(Agrostemma githago)
seeds wildflower, weed
Cowbane <i>(Cicuta virosa)</i> Cowbane
(Cicuta virosa)
entire plant esp. roots wildflower, herb
Cow cockle <i>(Vaccaria hispanica)</i> Cow cockle
(Vaccaria hispanica)
seeds wildflower, weed
Cowslip <i>(Primula veris)</i> Cowslip
(Primula veris)
entire plant esp. leaves, stem wildflower, herb
Daffodil <i>(Narcissus)</i> Daffodil
bulbs garden flower
Daphne <i>(Daphne cneorum)</i> Daphne
(Daphne cneorum)
bark, berries, leaves ornamental shrub
Day lily <i>(Hemerocallis)</i> Day lily
entire plant is toxic to cats garden & wildflower
Death Camas <i>(Zigadenus)</i> Death Camas
leaves, stems, seeds, flowers field herb
Delphinium (Larkspur) <i>(Delphinium parishii)</i> Delphinium (Larkspur)
(Delphinium parishii)
entire plant esp. sprouts wildflower
Dumbcane <i>(Dieffenbachia)</i> Dumbcane
entire plant house plant
Dutchman's breeches <i>(Dicentra cucullaria)</i> Dutchman's breeches
(Dicentra cucullaria)
roots, foliage wild & garden flower
Easter lily <i>(Lilium longiflorum)</i> Easter lily
(Lilium longiflorum)
entire plant is toxic to cats flowering house plant
Elderberry <i>(Sambucus nigra)</i> Elderberry
(Sambucus nigra)
leaves, bark, roots, buds tree
Elephant's ear <i>(Colocasia)</i> Elephant's ear
entire plant house plant
English Ivy <i>(Hedera helix)</i> English Ivy
(Hedera helix)
entire plant esp. leaves, berries ornamental vine
European Bittersweet <i>(Solanum dulcamara)</i> European Bittersweet
(Solanum dulcamara)
entire plant esp. berries vine
False Flax <i>(Camelina sativa)</i> False Flax
(Camelina sativa)
seeds wild herb
False hellebore <i>(Adonis vernalis)</i> False hellebore
(Adonis vernalis)
roots, leaves, seeds ornamental flower
Fan weed <i>(Thlaspi arvense)</i> Fan weed
(Thlaspi arvense)
seeds wildflower, herb
Field peppergrass <i>(Lepidium latifolium)</i> Field peppergrass
(Lepidium latifolium)
seeds wildflower, herb
Flax <i>(Linum usitatissimum)</i> Flax
(Linum usitatissimum)
seedpods wildflower, herb
Foxglove <i>(Digitalis)</i> Foxglove
leaves wild & garden flower
Holly <i>(Ilex)</i> Holly
berries shrub
Horsechestnut <i>(Aesculus)</i> Horsechestnut
nuts, sprouts tree
Horse nettle <i>(Solanum carolinense)</i> Horse nettle
(Solanum carolinense)
entire plant esp. berries wildflower, herb
Hyacinth <i>(Hyacinthus)</i> Hyacinth
bulbs wild & house plant
Iris <i>(Iris)</i> Iris
leaves, roots wild & garden flower
Jack-in-the-pulpit <i>(Arisaema triphyllum)</i> Jack-in-the-pulpit
(Arisaema triphyllum)
entire plant esp. roots, leaves wildflower
Jatropha <i>(Jatropha)</i> Jatropha
seeds tree, shrub
Jerusalem Cherry <i>(Solanum pseudocapsicum)</i> Jerusalem Cherry
(Solanum pseudocapsicum)
unripe fruit, foliage ornamental plant
Jimsonweed <i>(Datura stramonium)</i> Jimsonweed
(Datura stramonium)
entire plant esp. seeds field plant
Laburnum <i>(Laburnum)</i> Laburnum
seeds, pods, flowers ornamental plant
Lantana <i>(Lantana)</i> Lantana
foliage house plant
Larkspur <i>(Delphinium)</i> Larkspur
young plants wildflower
Laurels <i>(Laurus nobilis)</i> Laurels
(Laurus nobilis)
leaves shrub
Lily of the valley <i>(Convallaria majalis)</i> Lily of the valley
(Convallaria majalis)
leaves, flowers garden & wildflower
Lupines <i>(Lupinus polyphyllus)</i> Lupines
(Lupinus polyphyllus)
seeds, pods shrub
Manchineel Tree <i>(Hippomane mancinella)</i> Manchineel Tree
(Hippomane mancinella)
sap, fruit tree
Matrimony vine <i>(Lycium barbarum)</i> Matrimony vine
(Lycium barbarum)
leaves, shoots ornamental vine
Mayapple <i>(Podophyllum peltatum)</i> Mayapple
(Podophyllum peltatum)
unripe fruit, roots, foliage wildflower
Milk vetch <i>(Astragalus alpinus)</i> Milk vetch
(Astragalus alpinus)
entire plant wildflower
Mistletoe <i>(Viscum album)</i> Mistletoe
(Viscum album)
berries house plant
Monkshood <i>(Aconitum variegatum)</i> Monkshood
(Aconitum variegatum)
entire plant esp. roots, seeds wildflower
Moonseed <i>(<i>Cocculus carolinus</i>)</i> Moonseed
(Cocculus carolinus)
fruit, roots vine
Morning glory <i>(Ipomoea purpurea)</i> Morning glory
(Ipomoea purpurea)
seeds, roots wildflower
Mountain mahogany (<i>Cercocarpus</i>) Mountain mahogany
leaves shrub
Mustards <i>(Alliaria petiolata)</i> Mustards
(Alliaria petiolata)
seeds wildflower
Narcissus <i>(Narcissus)</i> Narcissus
bulbs garden flower
Nicotiana <i>(Nicotiana)</i> Nicotiana
leaves garden flower
Nightshade <i>(Solanaceae)</i> Nightshade
leaves, berries wildflower, vine
Oaks <i>(Quercus)</i> Oaks
shoots, leaves tree
Oleander <i>(Nerium oleander)</i> Oleander
(Nerium oleander)
leaves ornamental shrub
Philodendrons <i>(Philodendron)</i> Philodendrons
entire plant house plant
Pokeweed <i>(Phytolacca)</i> Pokeweed
roots, seeds, berries field plant
Poinsettia <i>(Euphorbia pulcherrima)</i> Poinsettia
(Euphorbia pulcherrima)
leaves, stem, flowers house plant
Poison hemlock <i>(Conium maculatum)</i> Poison hemlock
(Conium maculatum)
leaves, stem, fruit field plant
Potato <i>(Solanum tuberosum)</i> Potato
(Solanum tuberosum)
shoots, sprouts garden plant
Rattle box <i>(Crotalaria)</i> Rattle box
entire plant wildflower
Rhododendron <i>(Rhododendron)</i> Rhododendron
leaves ornamental shrub
Rhubarb <i>(Rheum)</i> Rhubarb
leaves garden plant
Rosary pea <i>(Abrus precatorius)</i> Rosary pea
(Abrus precatorius)
seeds house plant
Sago palm <i>(Cycas revoluta)</i> Sago palm
(Cycas revoluta)
entire plant esp seeds ornamental plant
Skunk cabbage <i>(Lysichiton americanus)</i> Skunk cabbage
(Lysichiton americanus)
entire plant esp roots, leaves marsh plant
Smartweeds <i>(Polygonaceae)</i> Smartweeds
sap wildflower
Snow-on-the-mountain <i>(Aegopodium Podagraria)</i> Snow-on-the-mountain
(Aegopodium Podagraria)
sap field plant
Sorghum <i>(Sorghum)</i> Sorghum
leaves grass
Star of Bethlehem <i>(Ornithogalum)</i> Star of Bethlehem
entire plant wildflower
Velvet grass <i>(Holcus lanatus)</i> Velvet grass
(Holcus lanatus)
leaves grass
Wild black cherry <i>(Prunus serotina)</i> Wild black cherry
(Prunus serotina)
leaves, pits tree
Wild radish <i>(Raphanus raphanistrum)</i> Wild radish
(Raphanus raphanistrum)
seeds wildflower
Wisteria <i>(Wisteria)</i> Wisteria
pods, seeds ornamental plant
Woody aster <i>(Xylorhiza)</i> Woody aster
entire plant wildflower
Yellow jessamine <i>(Gelsemium sempervirens)</i> Yellow jessamine
(Gelsemium sempervirens)
entire plant ornamental vine
Yellow oleander <i>(Nerium oleander)</i> Yellow oleander
(Nerium oleander)
entire plant esp. leaves garden plant
Yellow pine flax <i>(Hesperolinon micranthum)</i> Yellow pine flax
(Hesperolinon micranthum)
entire plant esp. seedpods wildflower
Yew <i>(Taxus baccata)</i> Yew
(Taxus baccata)
bark, leaves, seeds ornamental tree

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